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MANDINGO man carried spanner to open bank account. KPELLEH MAN put radio in freezer to listen to cool music. KISSI MAN woke up a sleep ..See more

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IN LIFE, THERE ARE THREE STAGES. And they are as follow: 1. First Class 2. Second Class 3. And Third Class As a human being, don't wish to be to the first class or third class. Always wish to be in the middle. some one may asked, why? It is simply, because when you are at the first class your life is at risk, people will be hurting to kill you. And again when you are at the third class, you regret why you are living on earth because of poverty. So always pray to be at the Middle Class. THANK YOU, HARDIN H. ARKU ..See more

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Autos buy or sell new or used cars, saloons, station wagons, 4WDs, pick-ups, motorbikes, buses, taxis, vans, trucks and more.

No matter what car you're looking for it can be a good idea to look for it on where you can get it at a good price. You will find a variety of different model years, depending on what you want.
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NOT AVAILABLE Toyota Camery for sale
3rd Apr, 2016, Paynesville
USD 4,000.00
NOT AVAILABLE Nissan Almera for sale
23rd Mar, 2016, Monrovia
USD 6,000.00USD
NOT AVAILABLE 4Runner for Sale
18th Mar, 2016, Paynesville
USD 6,000.00USD
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Looking for items to buy? Trying to sale something? Browse our classifieds. is a great place to list items, services, or properties for sale without paying for advertisement. You can sale or buy now with few clicks. Use to let millions of buyers around Liberia see your listing.
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NOT AVAILABLE Oracle Database 10g book for sale
14th Apr, 2016, Others, Other Unclassified Items, Paynesville
USD 30.00USD
NOT AVAILABLE Microsoft Access 2010 book for sale
14th Apr, 2016, Others, Other Unclassified Items, Paynesville
USD 15.00 USD
NOT AVAILABLE xbox 360 console for sale
5th Apr, 2016, Toys & Games, Games Consoles, Bensonville
USD 2,00.00USD
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Job Vacancy
Are you Unemployed? Do you wish to change jobs?

Are you a graduate, Diploma or Professional Certificate Holder?

Get Your CVs Ready To Apply For The Latest Job Vacancies in Liberia! Look through our site to find a Job that's right for you. See new vacancies first in jobs category.
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Title Company
Midwifery Clinical Mentors
Expire :10th May, 2016
Driver Wanted
Expire :6th May, 2016
Liberia Red Cross
Senior Manager
Expire :11th May, 2016
Grants Officer
Expire :21st May, 2016
Community Actions Liberia
Head Soccer Coach
Expire :29th May, 2016
Head Soccer Coach
Operations Assistant
Expire :13th May, 2016
Capital Impex Liberia Ltd
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Expire :16th May, 2016
AME University
Web operator
Expire :31st May, 2016
Bonnara Consultants
Web operator Manager
Expire :31st May, 2016
Bonnara Consultants
Human Resources Assistant
Expire :31st May, 2016
Bonnara Consultants
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Real Estate
An apartment to rent? Finding home to fit your lifestyle? has a Huge selection of houses, offices, shops, plots of land and commercial real estate available. is a best Advertising place for Real Estate agents and business owners. We connects your Real Estate listings with the right buyers, investors, tenants and brokers. Generating better advantages and great deals.
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NOT AVAILABLE Villa for rent
29th Mar, 2016, Monrovia
USD 2,500
NOT AVAILABLE Apartment / Studio for rent
29th Mar, 2016, Monrovia
USD 1,600 / 1,200
NOT AVAILABLE 4Bedroom house for rent at oldroad
23rd Mar, 2016, Monrovia
USD Negotiable
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1.5 lot of Land for lease(Alfield Aminata Gas Station
29th Apr, 2016 , Monrovia
USD Call for inquary
Beach side land for long term leased
1st May, 2016 , Harbel
USD Negotiable
1 Lot of Land Located in Duazon for sale
2nd May, 2016 , Monrovia
USD 3,000

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2 shops for rent / least @ 72nd junction
13th Aug, 2015, Monrovia
USD $$$$

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Are you looking for things to do? Places to go in Liberia? Check out Business Directory. Our Business Directory lists all businesses within Liberia small medium or large, it is categorized by business type. facilitates worldwide access to your business.

Marketing your business online is essential for business growth; you can start by creating a BusinessLIB page for your business that sums up what you do with multiple resources (Logo, Photo gallery, Website, Google map, Contact form) about your company or Organization for free.
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